Songwriters Rendez-VousWorkshops

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Here is a sample of end results.... 

Milck is a singer songwriter with great depth. "Devil, Devil" has been used for the trailer of the season 2 of Netflix hit series "Marco Polo". The song was workshopped here in 2015.

Milck: Indie, dark, electro pop singer songwriter

"Working with Suzan has truly expanded my ability to write cohesive songs, and navigate the music industry. Her honest advice has become a beacon of light for me. 
Musically, she pushes me to stay fresh and competitive. I can play her a draft of my song, and she'll give me feedback that will add depth and appeal to my song."

Pr0files' singer Lauren Pardini is a Songwriters Rendezvous 2008 alumni. This song was not workshopped here, but I'm very proud of her!

Pr0files: Indie electro pop

"Suzan is the best songwriting coach I know....She has pushed me in countless creative directions and I couldn't recommend anyone more."