Songwriters Rendez-VousWorkshops

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Here is a sample of end results.... 

Milck is a singer songwriter with great depth. "Devil, Devil" has been used for the trailer of the season 2 of Netflix hit series "Marco Polo". The song was workshopped here in 2015.

Milck: Indie, dark, electro pop singer songwriter

"Hereafter" by Ali Young featured in the up coming horror flick "V/H/S Viral" was workshopped here in 2014.

Ali Young: Etherial singer songwriter

"Working with Suzan has truly expanded my ability to write cohesive songs, and navigate the music industry. Her honest advice has become a beacon of light for me. 
Musically, she pushes me to stay fresh and competitive. I can play her a draft of my song, and she'll give me feedback that will add depth and appeal to my song."

"Suzan does not teach a method. She gives you the feedback you need to understand where you are now and coaches you to the next level. If you want to grow, she is the "fertilizer." Yeah. She is the shit." 

Tracee Perrin's song "Losing The War" workshopped here in 2014.

Tracee Perrin: Singer songwriter

"Suzan pushes you to go further and dig deep as a human being first and as a songwriter second. Her feedback is honest, sometimes raw, but always constructive. I've grown so much and am so grateful!"

Pr0files' singer Lauren Pardini is a Songwriters Rendezvous 2008 alumni. This song was not workshopped here, but I'm very proud of her!

Pr0files: Indie electro pop

"Suzan is the best songwriting coach I know....She has pushed me in countless creative directions and I couldn't recommend anyone more."

Vocalist and songwriter Glenna Bree on "No Heart" by L.A. DJ Charity Strike. The song was workshopped at Songwriters Rendezvous with Suzan Koç in 2013.

Charity Strike feat Glenna Bree: E.D.M.

"No matter how accomplished of a songwriter you may be, there's always something new to be learned. That's what I gain from the workshops. Suzan pushes me to constantly experiment and change my ways of writing, so my songs can be competitive in the marketplace."

The Blue Dolphins singer Victoria Scott is a Songwriters Rendezvous alumni 2008 and 20013. Their first single "Afraid of Moving on", on rotation at Spanish Radio 3 for 6 weeks, was workshopped here.

The Blue Dolphins: Indie retro pop rock

"Something about Suzan's no BS and the talent in the group of other songwriters, made me feel like I was in exactly the right place. My songs always improved. The workshop works. I shall return! Thank you Suzan!"