Songwriters Rendez-VousWorkshops

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Quotes "As my publisher, Suzan was a huge champion for me and my songs. Her efforts played a big part in several successes I've had along the way including the song "Try" which was recorded by P!nk. As my friend I can speak to her integrity, loyalty and support. I give her my strongest recommendation." Quotes

Quotes Suzan is the best songwriting coach I know. Her taste level (along with her ability to detect bullshit) will force you to create unique, authentic songs that will cut above the rest. She has pushed me in countless creative directions and I couldn't recommend anyone more. Quotes
Lauren Pardini
from band Pr0files

Quotes Songwriter's Rendez-vous Skype workshop is outstanding. As a professional musician, classically trained, Suzan's advice and encouragement are invaluable as I try to break into a different genre of songwriting. The Skype sessions are surprisingly personal; the computer screen quickly disappears and I feel as if I am sitting in an intimate seminar classroom with a fabulous teacher and talented fellow students. I highly recommend the classes. Quotes
Catherine J Pickar
Music Professor, Retired, The George Washington University

Quotes Originally my publisher and currently my day to day consultant, Suzan Koc has been an invaluable source of encouragement, constructive criticism and level headed perspective. I can't imagine my career without her in it. Quotes
Shelly Peiken
Grammy nominated songwriter

Quotes I first heard Suzan speak about songwriting when I was a participant in the 2012 Lester Sill Songwriters' Workshop. Her song critiques were razor sharp and some of the most constructive. So when I was stuck on the proverbial "plateau," I knew Suzan would be able to provide the insight I needed to improve my songwriting. Her workshop has been invaluable. Each participant has their individual struggles as a songwriter. She offers us each unique insights into our unique challenges. More importantly, she fosters an environment where we learn from each other. I have been in other songwriting workshops where a specific method is taught... Suzan does not teach a method. She gives you the feedback you need to understand where you are now and coaches you to the next level. If you want to grow, she is the "fertilizer." Yeah. She is the shit. Quotes
Ali Young
Songwriter/ Artist

Quotes I recently finished two 6-week sessions with Suzan. In short, they were terrific. Our group was small - just 3 of us and Suzan - and we met with Suzan in California via Skype from Virginia, upstate New York and Australia. (We worked out the Skype technology prior to our first session and, with some minor, beyond-our-control exceptions, everything worked fine.) Suzan was great. She went out of her way to spend as much time as each of us needed at every session, never looking at the clock - and was always encouraging and constructive without hiding her honest professional opinions of our work. In every case, however, her comments were intended to make our work better and/or more marketable. Her willingness to share her knowledge of songwriting, the industry and people within it went beyond what I was expecting. As others have commented, her insights and guidance were invaluable. I highly recommend the workshop Quotes
T Courter Smith
Songwriter/lyricist - June & August 2013 Skype sessions

Quotes The Songwriter's Rendez-vous courses were invaluable to me. As writers and producers we tend to spend a lot of time alone developing our craft, and it's easy to forget the necessity of receiving encouragement and feedback from other writers, and to have a place to safely workshop our ideas and develop ourselves. The courses led to successful collaborations for me as well, both with people in my class as well as established professional writers In addition, Suzan has become an amazing ally and friend to me in the industry, for both creative feedback, as well as help navigating the music business as my career develops. To this day she still helps me out, and helped to me get my publishing deal when I was ready. Quotes
Chris Carter
DJ, Songwriter, Producer

Quotes Having both worked for Suzan at BMG Publishing and seen her nurture songwriters during my time at BMI, I'm hard-pressed to find someone who understands songwriters better than Suzan Koc. Regardless of one's discipline within the arts, one thing is essential in the betterment of one's practice: honesty. Suzan's honesty toward and respect for songwriters is what makes her unique, and her honest feedback to her writers is what makes them better at what they do. And that's the only way to grow as a writer. This is what she'll bring to Songwriter's Rendez-Vous, and the program will be a great benefit to any songwriter who is serious about improving his craft. Quotes
Joe Maggini
Head of Publishing, Format Music, LA

Quotes Suzan Koc has helped me tremendously as an artist and a songwriter. I had the good fortune of having her as my publisher at the beginning of my songwriting career and she helped guide and hone my craft at breakneck speed as well as connect me with great collaborators. Her knowledge of songs and her keen ear for success helped me to grow so much. I've always found her counsel and critique to be without equal. Quotes
Xandy Barry